A purely Argentine company with international projection

EAFF S.A. is a company, dedicated to the customs clearance and Freight Forwarding service under the AS One modality, “Door to door” service under “a single person in charge”, thanks to the fact that, in its capacity as Transport Agent (Freight Forwarder) it forms part of a vast international network of agents, being able, in this way, once the purchase order is placed, to take charge of the importation of the merchandise from the delivery point that they have agreed with the supplier abroad to the place of delivery in the country that has been determined.

In 1992, two Argentine companies with recognized experience in serving foreign trade through customs clearance and international cargo transportation (Estudio Aduanero Fernández & Fernández S.R.L. and Inter Trans S.A.) decided to unite to provide their clients with superior service, in accordance with current market demands. This is how EAFF S.A. was born, a purely Argentine company, with vast experience and international prestige.

Being specialists at the same time, given our origin and experience, in customs clearance and international cargo transportation, allows EAFF to offer a real “Door-to-door” agile and efficient service.

EAFF has a team of professional experts, made up of customs brokers, representatives of the customs transport agent and its own expert personnel, personally dedicated to monitoring the cargo.


We are a company of Customs Services and International Cargo Transport (Freight Forwarding) , which through a high quality service, reliability and technical solvency, satisfies the needs of our clients, providing solutions with human warmth. , ethics and commitment within the logistics chain within the framework of the “door-to-door” service.


To be recognized as a company, with attitude and dynamism, based on human relations, which accompanies with excellence, the advances of the market and of our clients.


  • - Commitment
  • - Responsibility
  • - Service Attitude
  • - Security
  • - Reliability
  • - Professionalism
  • - Teamwork
  • - Respect

Conduct code

The adoption of a Code of Conduct is designed to help us maintain a relationship that guarantees the absolute transparency and integrity of our management vis-à-vis customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, state entities and the general public.

The Code has been designed so that all Company personnel collaborate so that the Company acts correctly in everything it does.